My  Story

My Journey to JWOW

A glimpse into one Entrepreneur's journey: leaving a company he built & stepping out in faith that God was guiding him into his “Calling”.  Motivated by  a belief that life is a gift, so to not be wasted or taken for granted!  James has been described as: "an entreprenuer with a pastoral calling".  He leads with his heart!

Expanding the vision...

JWOW Ministries' God-given vision is to eradicate homelessness and hunger worldwide!  Together we CAN fulfill Matt. 25:35-40.

Where we are headed...

JWOW ("Jesus Work Out Warriors") itself is a Movement!  This Movement provides personal physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual self-care improvement and positive world change through fulfilling Matt. 25:35-40 which charges us with feeding the hungry, clothing the naked & sheltering the homeless.
JWOW is actually a group of companies: 1) JWOW Fitness Corporation - fitness center franchises, JWOW Fitness Centers - created for those seeking a deeper relationship with God and commitment to being in the best physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shape of their lives. Members are simultaneously supporting JWOW's mission to accomplish the goal of "zero hunger/zero homelessness" in addition to other social and economic community needs worldwide. The goal is to bring a new and exciting experience to a customer (and franchise buyer that wants to enter this industry). 2) JWOW Apparel & Accessories – retail products; and 3) JWOW Ministries - committed to fulfilling Matt. 25:35-40 through support from JWOW "for-profit" companies as well as 100% tax-deductible individual, company and corporate donations.