Mission & Vision

Matt. 25:35-40

The Mission

JWOW Ministries' Mission was borne from James Mitchell accepting God's Call on his life; his "purpose": to reflect God's Love.   When James asked God where to apply the tithe portion of his entrepreneurial success, he felt God say: "Feed My Sheep"!
This is summarized in Matthew 25:35-40, which became James' focus.  Food for all people can be anything given with a servant's heart: food, water, as well as time serving physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Vision

JWOW Ministries, through its IOS & Android  Apps and websites, is building a worldwide network of believers to connect & support each other.  An online community brought together like no other in the world today!  When called upon even in a moment's notice, together we can serve a need so great no one individual or even small influential group can effectively resolve.  A need that with a small amount of support from millions of believers worldwide, almost instantly can positively impact any crisis we feel "Divinely Called" to support!

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