JWOW Growth & Volunteer Positions Available!

James Mitchell

"Entrepreneur with a Pastoral Calling"

James' life purpose is to "reflect God's Love".  Matt. 6:33 is his guide, his lighthouse:  Seek FIRST the kingdom of God.  Knowing that abiding in God is abiding in "Love": 1 John 4:16, to James is what matters most: reflecting, sharing, teaching and spreading God's Love to everyone everywhere!  Especially through acts of love, as God is glorified and thus reflected, thus reflecting James' purpose.  
Contact me here if  YOUR HEART  feels Called to join this Vision & Mission of Love!

Community Builder

(Volunteer Believer Network Builder)

Can you SEE our Vision?  Our Mission?  Can you SEE yourself bringing your heart and hand to growing this WORLDWIDE network of Believers who share what matters most?  LOVE God, LOVE people.  ALL hangs on this!  Matt. 22:37-40 

Grant Writer

Fundraising & Donations (Commission Position)

JWOW Ministries' Visions for worldwide projects & societal impact will glorify God by fulfilling Jesus' charge in Matt. 25:35-40!  It's about Love!

JWOW Membership Builder

Worldwide Believer Network Builder (Volunteer Position)

Are you a social media expert?  Would you love to glorify God through being Jesus' hands and feet, growing our worldwide Believer community?   Our network that can create change and move mountains in a moment's notice when called upon? The ONE commonality among ALL Believers (no matter what specific Faith or doctrine) is to love God and love all people!

JWOW Home Church Community Builder


JWOW Ministries knows many Believers either don't have a church home or are missing the daily support of local community through being a part of a small group.  God's church is the body of Believers supporting each other through community connection.  The JWOW Vision includes Believers worldwide meeting in homes & community, for local support as did the early Church!  www.ChurchOnTheCouches.com